Gallery Boa c. imperator Belize

Boa c. imperator Belize - Crawl Cay Boas

Distribution areaBelize

Estimated average length of mature Boa c. imperator femalesmaximum length is 1,8 m (6 ft)

Taxonomic status Subspecies recognized by the CITES convention

Crawl Cay
Ambergris Caye
El Salvador
Costa Rica


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The Belize boas have three characteristics, that distinguish them from all other Central American boas:

  • The saddle pattern is different (just look at the photos)
  • The shape of the heads is very similar to Boa c. orophias (St. Lucia Boa)
  • If you close your eyes and grab a Crawl Cay Common boa, you will think you touch a Dumerils boa. The body of the Belize boas is very hard and muscular. No surplus of fat, no matter how you feed them. We never noticed such a tough and muscular body in any other Central American boa (or in other Boa constrictors anyway)

This rare local variation of Boa c. imperator belongs to the rather smaller members of the Boa constrictor family, although they are not that small as we thought so far (our adult females have reached 5.5 ft. in length meanwhile) According to the "BOA CONSTRICTOR MANUAL" the maximum length is 6ft.  

Due to the petty attitude of National Geographic Channel regarding the copyright we are not allowed to publish the photo directly on our website.

This photo of a Crawl Cay Belize Boa was made on the island Crawl Cay by the professional photographer Dana Kemp, who is working for the
National Geographic Channel.

We took particular gratification out of the fact that this specimen is showing a stunning resemblance to our animals. This is another evidence that some
boas presented as "Crawl Cay Boa" by certain websites have nothing in common with the reality.